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Is to find the approach that works for you. No restrictive diets or counting calories, unless that’s what you want! The best diet is the one that you can stick to.

We work with our clients to reach their goals instead of forcing them into a pattern that is unsustainable and ultimately in vain. Give us a call for a free introductory consultation and see for your self the difference a nutrition coach can make.

Our Clients


5 star review
"I made the choice to invest in myself and work with Kelsey on a nutrition plan because I wanted to learn how to improve my life through the things I eat. I wanted to learn how to fuel the different activities I enjoy and just feel better all around. I also wanted someone to hold me accountable while also still letting me fit in a treat from time to time."
- Hayden D
5 star review
"Nutrition/eating has always been a really bad for me but i really just wanted to try to get better so I knew asking Kelsey would be the best idea. I want to not only get better with my strength but with my wellness as a whole."
- Sarah S
5 star review
"2020 has been a difficult year in so many different ways but the thing that I value most from this gym is the emotional support along with the physical support I receive achieving and working on my health goals. Just having someone there to sometimes hold my hand and be a friend but to also hold me accountable to be able to meet my goals has been so helpful. My husband and I joined Dissent Athletics a few years ago. This gym has supported me through fitness goals, surgeries and many of my husband’s military deployments. They have become my family here in Texas. I have watched the gym grow and work on finding its voice in the sea of chaos that seems to flow in today’s climate. I have seen ownership at the gym change. However, the one thing I have felt every single time I walk in the door is the community and the support that every member of the gym gives to every other member. My own health journey has had its up and downs but every time I try something new I learn something new and the staff at Dissent are right there with me learning the same lessons. I love how the coaches work with each member to find out what will work best for that person. There is no one plan fits all. It has been here that I have tried different diets that I would have never tried on my own. Dissent Athletics works with you to help improve overall health not just physical health."
- Sally
5 star review
"Obviously since you have 1% body fat , can you do a meal plan to help me get rid of this last bit of blubber? If so how much??? That was middle of August and I weighed at least 220 pounds and was 21% body fat. It hasn’t been easy but Jonathan has made himself available at pretty much anytime of the day to help me meet my goals. We don’t always agree on what I should be doing but he understands where I want to be and he’s able to adapt his knowledge to fit what I need. As of November 15th I’m down to 194.8 and 16.1% body fat. I eat less and still have the energy necessary to hit the gym and tackle his brutal workouts. I sleep better, eat healthier and don’t stress about having a “slacker” meal anymore. If you’re struggling with weight or how you’re eating or how you should be training seriously reach out and let him help you. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s going to push you and hold you accountable."
- Chad
5 star review
"My reason for joining Chronic Wellness was to help me get back to where I was pre-COVID and even earlier - to help me with macros I could live with daily and not just during a “challenge” to lose weight. I have lost a little over 10 pounds since the end of May when I started meeting with Kelsey and got back on a good nutrition plan. We have adjusted as needed and focused on overall well being, not just what the scale shows. I’m happy with the progress and continue to work on it daily!"
- Wendy M
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Kelsey Royston

Kelsey Royston

I am a why person. I care much less about the actual foods you eat and more about what caused you to choose them to consume. As a mental health clinician, I find it important to find what motivates a person for true and long lasting change. We focus on small habits to form behaviors that can lead to improved self-esteem, self-image, improved coping skills, and boundary setting within yourself. Taking on nutrition is hard and you will receive push back from friends, family, and even yourself. That’s where we come in. We are the objective person you need to motivate you when you need it and help you find purpose in what you eat.

Jonathan Royston

Jonathan Royston

Most people think of eating as what you do when you’re hungry, but it is so much more than that. Eat more of this nutrient than another and it’ll change the way your body looks. Eat more of a separate nutrient and you’ll have better uninterrupted mental energy. How easily we can manipulate our mood, performance, life with food is fascinating to me and I’d like to share that with you! I don’t believe that we have many problems in life that can’t be solved with nutrition and if you give me the chance I think I can convince you of the same.

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